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Custom Battery Development

While most batteries come in fixed shapes and sizes, our team has gone above and beyond to engineer a revolutionary ink. Tailored to your exact needs, we will deliver a battery of any shape or size to meet any design need.

Ultra-thin Printed Batteries


Tests have consistently proved our batteries to be the thinnest, lightest and most durable.

Advanced Research & Development

Our team of experienced engineers and researchers have an excellent track record of producing industry-leading research. The search continues for the thinnest, most flexible and most durable battery.


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Latest News

We welcome a new member to our team, Dr. Nikita Sachdev, January 2019

Dr. Nikita Sachdev, a chemist with experience on the synthesis and assembly of different types of particles (spherical, nanosheets, core-shells), has joined the team. Her previous developments have attracted significant commercial attraction. We are sure she will play a strong role contributing towards new battery technologies alongside with other team members.  

Zinergy UK has been granted for an EU funded project, 20 December 2018

Zinergy UK has joined an EU funded consortium with over 20 partners across Europe. The project is named as “TEESMAT”. There are three core objectives in this project, including open access to advanced characterisation solution for material, awareness of the industry and sustainable open innovation test bed& community. During the R&D, Zinergy UK is going to challenge development of a process/capability to measure printed electrodes in line for QA. Secondly, the challenge is to understand the mechanism of degradation of the cell. Finally, it is going to be addressed to obtain some clarity on the regulatory framework and routes for recycling applicable for this type of battery. According to our CEO Dr. Pritesh Hiralal , the project will allow us to increase the excellence of our batteries by using the state of the art facilities across Europe.  

Zinergy UK has moved to a new office at Futrue Business Centre, 11 December 2018

  Since the 11th of December, the office of Zinergy UK has been moved into a bright and spacious space with a open view located at the first floor of FBC.  

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