Zinergy Inaugurates New labs at FBC

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We inaugurate our brand new facilities at the Future Business Centre in Cambridge! We are excited to move to this space which includes both office and lab facilities to fast-track the development of the printed battery. Over the next month we will be kitting out the lab with full printing and testing facilities. We are excited to join this vibrant space with a large number of startups and thriving environment, and look forward to new developments in the space. We celebrate the occasion with our very own Zinergy cake! Care for some?


Zinergy Features on Cambridge News

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Zinergy founders Pritesh Hiralal and Dilek Ozgit feature on an issue on Cambridge News http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/zinergy-we-have-the-power/story-29413123-detail/story.html Dilek demonstrates the flexibility of the Zinergy battery technology for the first time. This is our first public contact. One of the key advantages of the Zinergy battery is the extreme flexibility it allows, and no better way to show this than with a video!


Investment Breathes Life Into Zinergy

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An investment fund, Ningbo Gouhua Huida Investment Management Partnership Ltd. has made the first strategic seed investment into Zinergy UK! This puts us in a fantastic position for accelerating technology development and we’ll be soon hiring to build a strong team! Now full steam to deliver!