Our Vision

To enable real ubiquitous printed electronics by providing a cost competitive and flexible power store for the Internet of Things

The world is changing fast. Sensors, actuators and smart tools are exponentially growing in number. From healthcare to packaging, the technology is set to change our lives. Zinergy’s vision is to be at the heart of this growth, by being the source of power behind this revolution.

Our mission is to become the go-to solution for thin, flexible sources of power. By using roll to roll printing techniques, we are bringing the cost of printed power to a level suitable for mass adoption.

Our Specialisms

Intellectual property

The development of the battery embodies significant IP. The IP can be directly licenced to manufacturers, and use a lean model, in which IP is continually generated and licensed.

Electrode formulations

The electrode formulation embodies part of the know-how of the group. The manufactured electrode paste can be directly sold to battery manufacturers, who have the large manufacturing capabilities, and whose batteries would benefit from improved performance by using our formulations.

Thin, printed supercapacitors

A parallel development, the supercapacitor, benefits from a lot of the same elements developed for the battery (e.g. printing technology, packaging development, etc).

Thin, printed batteries

This is the core development, with all innovations coming together to produce the thin battery according to customer requirements

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