Zinergy UK and ZifiSense collaborated on ZETag launched at ET&IoT Technology 2018, PACIFICO Yokohama Tokyo 14-16 November

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Cooperating with LPWAN leading company Zifisense located in Cambridge and China, the two companies launched ZETag together to Japanese markets at ET&IoT Technology 2018 in Tokyo. Zinergy will provide our ultra-thin printed batteries integrating with ZETA modules to produce cutting-edge LPWAN Tags called ZETag, which uses WideArea sensors to feed for logistics,smart packaging and biomedical monitoring. Once a ZETag is triggered by an event, the sensor working together with the capacity from a Zinergy battery will send the tracking data to a ZETA server through an access point. And then, the clients can be informed by their enterprise clouds.   ZETag including Zinergy’s battery is soft and thin and disposable. Especially, the overall cost is very low in cents. Comparing with RFID, LPWAN Tags such as ZETag, LoRa Tag and Sigfox Tag are more economic due to high costs on RFID reader and writer.