Zinergy UK has been granted for an EU funded project, 20 December 2018

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Zinergy UK has joined an EU funded consortium with over 20 partners across Europe. The project is named as “TEESMAT”. There are three core objectives in this project, including open access to advanced characterisation solution for material, awareness of the industry and sustainable open innovation test bed& community.

During the R&D, Zinergy UK is going to challenge development of a process/capability to measure printed electrodes in line for QA. Secondly, the challenge is to understand the mechanism of degradation of the cell. Finally, it is going to be addressed to obtain some clarity on the regulatory framework and routes for recycling applicable for this type of battery.

According to our CEO Dr. Pritesh Hiralal , the project will allow us to increase the excellence of our batteries by using the state of the art facilities across Europe.